Insider Admission Advice on Your College Education

No matter what you keep hearing, there is no secret formula for getting into college. You don’t have to hire a private jet to personally deliver your application or spend hours joining every school club or organization just to make yourself look better to college admissions counselors. So, if you want to find the RIGHT college for you, please take my advice. I’ve reviewed thousands of college and scholarship applications. I know how the admissions process works inside and out, and I’ve decided to share that information.

Why would I just give out advice? What’s in it for me? Well for one thing, none of this information is all that big of a secret – pretty much any experienced admission officer or guidance counselor will tell you the same thing. Plus, and here’s the real bonus, in exchange for giving you helpful information, I get to put George Mason University’s name in front of you and brag about us. (Of course, if you already know you want more information about Mason, you can go to our website —see, I started already).

At Mason, we receive tens of thousands of applications each year, so I can’t work with everyone individually. Instead, I’ll post some new information about once a week with advice on picking and getting into the right school for you. It’s a good deal for you since, even if for some strange reason Mason isn’t the school of your dreams, at least I might help you make some good choices about college.

If you don’t want my advice, just stop clicking whatever link got you to this page. If you do, check back in when you get a chance, and feel free to post some comments or questions – just don’t expect me to get back to everyone individually! Either way, I wish you all the best and hope that your senior year turns out just as you dream.

Andrew Flagel
Dean of Admissions and
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Development

George Mason University


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the advice, its really encouraging. I’m a senior in High school and i go to a private school. GMU is probably my first and only choice My education is my first priority but i seem to stress over the competition around me and sometimes i think i wont be accepted. your advice changed my mind, now i ahve hope.

  2. This is a fantastic blog on admissions advice. That is what I love about George Mason…everyone appears to have a wonderful sense of humor, or at least that’s how it seemed when I was there for a campus tour over the summer. Anyway…thanks! GMU should probably be seeing my application in the next few days here…~Alex

  3. You’re quite welcome – and you have excellent taste in colleges!

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