Links to college search sites

To keep you busy, I thought I’d provide some quick links to sites with information on the process. Just a reminder (DANGER! legal jargon coming), the information in these sites does not necessarily reflect the views of this institution, is not necessarily correct, and may in fact be completely bogus and out of date. That, of course, is the joy of the Internet!

Some places to search for colleges:
These crack me up because they’re almost always based on data that’s 1-2 years out of date. They also do some really dumb things, like if you search by state they don’t give you what’s really close by. If you search D.C., for instance, few of the engines bring up Mason (even though we’re in the suburbs) since our address is Virginia, and the same goes for University of Maryland (guess where they are). You may want to search by distance from a city or by multiple states to help with that issue. There’s other quirks to these things (if you don’t call a major what they call it, does it come up in your search?), but you’ll find those as you go. These are presented in no particular order. Have fun!
College Board
US News

Happy searching! Be seeing you.


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  1. My comment is irrelevant to the topic of this post, but I would just like to thank you for creating this blog! Your humor has been both comforting and informative. It was such a relief to come here and ease a majority of my college concerns. Primarily, Mason was my first choice due to its location and strength in education, but ever since I visited the school, its position has been locked. I met a couple of students (both former and current) who were not only kind, but seemed to genuinely appreciate their experience at GMU; it truly made me want to be a part of the university.

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