Admissions in Wiki and Fun with Admissions Officers

Admissions, Admissions, and still more Admissions!

If I ever doubt that Wikipedia had all the answers (not necessarily the right ones, but at least answers), it was erased when one of this blog’s readers forwarded this helpful link:
Finally – advice from a source we can all trust ;-).

Along those lines…just in case you think admissions officers have everything completely figured out, here’s a great article to dispel that myth.  It’s a somewhat old article, but it’s one that is still available and that I think outlines a lot of the debate currently going on in higher ed admissions.
Notes from the latest meeting of the College Board (yes, colleges are members of the same lovely group that brings you the SAT’s). While it’s pretty boring, you’ll get an idea that there are ongoing debates about how colleges should admit and award financial aid to students, even among the colleges themselves. And that’s within a group that all uses the SAT – try adding in the debate over score optional admission polices like Mason’s (check it out at

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2 Responses

  1. do you think someone with a 2.5 GPA right now can go to George Mason??

  2. Most students admitted from High School to Mason as freshmen this year will have a B+/A- grade range or stronger. Transfer admissions, being based on college grade scales, are of course entirely different. If you are applying as a freshman, that is not a very competitive GPA for us. Without seeing the actual transcript (trends in grades, quality of courses) it’s impossible to say for sure, but that GPA would be fairly far below the bottom of last year’s class.

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