The biggest mistakes you can make?

I’m on a list serv with thousands of other college admissions officers and high school guidance officers, run by the National Association for College Admissions Counseling.  A recent post drew huge responses, basically asking for admissions officers’ pet peeves.  The list was LONG – rather than trying to edit them (I haven’t even cleaned up their typographical errors, which may be amusing to some of you), I’ll share them over the next few days.  My take: some of these make for good solid suggestions.  Other issues reveal the age of the admissions officers, having hang-ups that have little to do with student qualifications.  A few are very likely just the feelings of that individual, and may not translate across the board.  Find these helpful?  Offensive? Nutty?  Post your comment about them!

Part I: E-mail Etiquette, Social Networking, Other Electronic Annoyances
Inappropriate email address. I try to contact students from around 10th grade telling them they need a grown-up address. Given that I’m at an international school I often have foreign phrases, that doesn’t disguise the sentiment
Getting an e-mail from a student with an inappropriate e-mail prefix (
Getting an e-mail that looks more like a text message (OMG, I find this to be annoying and IDK why students do this but they talk to their BFFs this way so why not us adults?)
Cellphone outgoing voice mail message is offensive or embarrassing.
An embarrassing or inappropriate myspace or facebook page
Students who start their voicemails with, “Hi, This is Jenny” and then don’t leave either a last name or a phone number and then complain when you don’t call them back in a timely fashion.
How about phoning an applicant to provide information or ask a question and having to listen to a minute or more of the student’s favorite rap or pop music before being able to finally leave a message?


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