Still more mistakes: the parents version!

My favorite postings to the national admissions list serv (from guidanace counsellors and admissions officers) have regarded the errors that parents make in the admission process. Thanks to the recently posted compiled list, below are a whole bunch of such issues, copied directly from that e-list. Enjoy (and beware!):
Starting off a sentence with My Mom just had a few questions for you…she was doing my applications last night and…..
Having a parent tell you that they didn’t have time to write their son’s essays so they hired a professional to do it.
My favorite parent story is true and one I use at Open Houses. Mom called concerning her son’s application. The family had been waiting for a reply from us. After looking into the situation and not finding the student’s name in our database, we asked some more questions of the mom. We did a search in our database on address and found an applicant with the same address. Lo and behold, it was the mom’s name on the application. Transcripts were not matched and the application was sitting in our incomplete drawer.
I share with parents that we appreciate their support of the student, but let the student complete the application form.
A parent from a former district called me once in a panic because she was coming up on a deadline of filling out her daughter’s application (first issue.) She was incensed with the convoluted questions put to her, asking, “What the hell is a DOB??” She ended up putting in her own date of birth instead of her daughter’s.
Okay- here’s mine, when a parent calls me and asks, “I am filling out the common app and I am need to know the school code.” Never a good sign
The parent who says, “WE are in the process of completing college applications.”
Having a helicopter parent hover at the start of an interview, or worse yet think it is their job to come into the interview or even worse, talk for their student during the interview.
A student with a 2.4 that applies to a super-competitive university…cause their parents said to give it a shot.
Parents who think their pretty average kids are a prize for whom/which we should compete. Nothing is more annoying than the, “You’ll be lucky to have my 26 ACT, B+ son,” parent.
Relatively affluent parents who think we should be bringing scholarship dollars in 18 wheelers to their pretty average sons and daughters. They may have three cars, two homes, etc., but they don’t think they should have to spring for tuition for their 25 ACT, top 20% of the high school
class daughter. See a trend here? I’d rather have an “Ihaveasexybod” email address anytime (although those folks are seldom rocket scientists in waiting either).
I actually received phone calls that began with the parent admitting, “I’m sitting here filling out Johnny’s application…”
There were also a few parents who pretended to be the child on the phone. Very strange.

Clearly, the major issue seems to focus on parents doing the applications rather than you – would you ever let your mom or dad do the application for you? Why or why not? Just too busy to deal with those annoying and seemingly meaningless essays?

More potential pitfalls to come…Be seeing you!


2 Responses

  1. I would NEVER, I repeat NEVER ask my mom to fill out my college applications. First of all, she would never offer to do it for me, but she also worked very hard filling out her OWN applications to get into college and then graduate school. I think she knows it is good for me to fill out my own applications, I’m a big girl now- I think I can handle it. Also, as much as my parents say the know me, they don’t have the same writing style I do and how would the admissions office really know ME if my PARENTS are filling out the application? They wouldn’t, problem solved- do your own applications.

    …until I read this, I had NO idea other students had their parents fill out their applications.

  2. Shocking but true! My favorite is when parents call to complain that they can’t figure out the online application – not that the student has a problem, just that the parent finds the online application too difficult!
    Like most schools, we try very hard not to hold you parents against you!

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