Thanks and shameless plugs return

Thanks to the dozens (hundreds?) of you who joined the chat rooms last night. It was a pleasure getting to speak with so many of you!

Thanks especially to the prospective student who suggested I insert a little more MASON into this blog. I’ve tried to keep the focus on college admissions, but a few shameless plugs now and then are what we’re all about. In the interest of saving you time, I’ll give a shot at slipping in a regular plug on whatever has me excited about Mason that day, but I’ll put the SHAMELESS PLUS warning in the title, so you can just focus on the admissions if you prefer!

My plug today – Women’s Soccer at Mason – the team had an amazing game on Sunday, basically kicking the stuffing out of Drexel University 4-0. You can check out the details at

While I’m on the topic of women’s soccer, I should also brag about one of our amazing young alumna. Diana Russini graduated just three years ago, and now will be reporting for NBC-New York. Check out her story at

Of course, Mason is Division I in athletics, and I’m a HUGE fan, so every now and then we’ll have to mix some of the sports in between the residential life and academic propaganda!

Be seeing you!


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