Deadlines – beware of what they mean!

A recent discussion on the admissions counselor listserv should be shared with all of our faithful readers. It seems a number of institutions have announced IN OFFICE deadlines. This is different from what most of us (including Mason) use, which are POSTMARK deadlines. Hopefully you get the distinction, but just in case – IN OFFICE deadlines mean that all of your applications materials have to be received in that institution’s admissions office by their deadline date. POSTMARK schools will accept any materials mailed by their deadline, often including paper applications.

Please check carefully, and be sure to share the distinction with your school counselor. If you are working with an IN OFFICE deadline institution, it is vital that you give your high school office and anyone writing your recommendations PLENTY OF TIME to get your materials together. Your recommendors who see a deadline date as a postmark deadline may inadvertently put you at a disadvantage.

Schools generally post on their application and online whether they are IN OFFICE or POSTMARK. If they don’t say they generally mean postmark, but it’s worth checking. For the record (and since all of you will undoubtedly apply to Mason as we are…gratuitous self promotion…the best university EVER), Mason has a postmark deadline.

Be seeing you!


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