Daily Shameless Plug: Famous people hang out at Mason

I admit it – I love meeting famous people.  That’s a big part of the fun of working for a college in the national capital area – we see an amazing array of ambassadors, senators, etc.  Barak Obama kicked off his youth campaign on campus.  F. Murray Abraham and Mark Morris both taught master courses in the College of Visual and Performing arts. Hardball taped here with Matt Damon and Robert Deniro, and I hung out in the green room with Chris Matthews that day – and I can report he is a really terrific guy (and not just becuase he let me hang out in the green room with him!). 

So I’m really looking forward this week to meeting Robert Prosky.  Who is that?  Check out the story below – I’m betting you recognize his face from his dozens of movie roles, even if you don’t already know his name.  http://gazette.gmu.edu/articles/10971/


2 Responses

  1. I have a question, I know that I can go to NOVA or NVCC first, take the general required classes, and then transfer those credits to George Mason and complete my major there, but I want to know how I would exactly go about doing that.

  2. Easy as pie – advisors at NOVA can map out courses that will match up with your major at Mason. Once you’ve done really well, apply to Mason and send us your NOVA transcripts. If you are admitted and commit to Mason, we’ll use those transcripts to award your credit. No problem!

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