Colleges ponder who the heck you students are

I’m currently at the national meeting of the College Board (the group that brings you Advanced Placement curriculum and the SAT, so I’m sure near and dear to your hearts).  They led a presentation about “Millenials”  – that’s all of you who are applying to college as freshmen.  Their study asserts that the time students spend on homework has been declining for ten years (so you spend less time now than the past few years of students – have you noticed?).  Also that you are more focused on making money now than ever before.  Finally – the researchers claim you all want “sincerity” and “humor” in college recruiting, and that marketing tag lines and hyberbole are big turnoffs.  So get ready for a slew of new materials from colleges that let you know how much money you’ll make, and try their best to be funny and “sincere”.  I, of course, would never stoop to such tactics.  By the way, if you go to Mason I’m convinced you will make a TON of money…


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