Shameless Plug: Fall Out Boy Concert and Basketball!

I love to brag about there being more to do at Mason than anywhere else.  This is especially fun when taunting Deans from other schools (“What did you do this week for fun?  Milk the school cow?”).    This is mean but terribly entertaining.

Even more going on in the next few weeks than usual.  Fall Out Boy is coming to the Patriot Center on campus (I believe that’s a band of some sort), and Mason Basketball has it’s season opener this Friday!  In the meantime, the Center for the Arts has the Jazz for Justice concert, the Dance Company fall concert, Jeffrey Siegel, The Actors’ Gang performing 1984, the Georgian State Dance Company, and Virginia Opera, and that’s not even half of the shows there.  A story about the Patrior Center events is at and the November schedule at the Center for the Arts is at

Depending on what floats your boat, you can catch the amazing Mason basketball team or the Georgian State Dance Company on November 17th after our Fall Showcase of Admissions – a great chance to see the new residence halls and meet faculty.  Check out the event at, but act soon as space is limited!  You have been warned!!

And if you see any Deans from other schools – don’t forget to let them know how much more fun I have at Mason (and that you’ll be having when you’re a student at Mason) than they do at those OTHER schools.  Be seeing you.


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