When to pick AP, IB etc

You know you want a rigorous courseload, but what does that mean in terms of how many of what type of course you need to take. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula.  It’s true that most schools want you to take more challenging courses, and taking more in unlikely to hurt you.  I have a VERY controversial way to look at the question.  Part 1 – if you’re really not interested in or skilled at the topic, taking heavily advanced courses seems a bit nutty.  Part 2 – if you think a course will be so awfully difficult that not only will your grade go down in that course, but also in your other courses, you do need to factor how much that impact will hurt your overall admission chances.

Of course, I think the most important thing is to make good educational decisions BEFORE you start considering the admission impact. More on that tomorrow, after I answer a few of your comments.  Be seeing you.


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