Shameless plug: Mason neurocience program going to the apes/Our faculty are smater than yours

One of the best parts of my job is having a chance to be friends with people who are WAY smater than I ever hope to be.  For instance, check out the blog from my good friend Dr. Jim Olds, the director of the prestigious Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study.  He wrote me a note earlier this week to brag that our undergraduate neuroscience students (and yes, we’re one of the only places where you are really studying and researching neuroscience while still an undergraduate) get the chance to work with the Great Apes trust ( and study something called “ape cognition”.  Apparently I’m supposed to be smart enough to know what that is.  Then he starts talking about proteins in the brain.  Fortunately a few minutes later we started talking about where to get good bagels near campus ( putting me back into a conversation I understood.

Anyhow, check out his blog at and you can get a sense of why it’s so much fun to work with him.


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