the new way to make a college match?

I’ve been checking out  They seem to have great taste in schools – as evidenced by a column in their blog about Mason

Zinch provides you a chance to put down information about youself then colleges can use the system to try to make a match.  Kind of meets facebook, with colleges and universities.  This is great if you’re fishing for schools that might be looking for someone JUST LIKE YOU.

Of course, there’s always competition.  The gang that created the web’s best known scholarship service,, got bought out by, and went on to created  I wasn’t as impressed with the cappex system – somehow it just didn’t seem as fun. Maybe it’s because when we contact prospective students through Zinch it’s called “showing the love”.

Then there’s  This service is part of the mega search service, the National Research Center for College and University Admissions.  I like these guys becuase a) tons of college access they list already and b) they gave Mason a nice shout out for having one of the best admissions web sites in the country (

 So – Zinch is cool, my college options is the best networked (so far), and cappex has some big money behind it.  Let me know if you have others you like, or let us all know what you think of these.

 Of course, if you’re like most students I meet, you’re probably already getting information from a TON of schools and wondering how to narrow your list, not expand it!  I’ll put out some more suggestions on that in the next few entries. Be seeing you.


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