what to do when your grades don’t match your scores

So there you are, trying to narrow your list of colleges, and doing your best to match your grade and test score range to the data you find on all those college web sites.  Unfortunately, very few of us end up with grades and scores that exactly match.  So what do you do when they don’t?

First, don’t panic.  Yes, there is some correlation between grades and scores, but far from a perfect one, so colleges expect that things won’t match up perfectly (except for those of you with perfect grades AND scores, and you don’t really need this blog – just go ahead and apply to Mason – c’mon, you know you want to). 

If your grades are higher, good for you!  Grades are a much better indicator of your college potential.  Please don’t go for that old line, “I just don’t test very well.”  Believe me, college has tests, so it’s not a very convincing argument.  Better to say – I REALLY hated the SATs (and/or ACTs) and please look at my great grades which you KNOW is a better indicator of how I’ll do at your school because Dean Flagel said so (ok, maybe leave that last part out).  Bear in mind, you CAN take the tests again (and again and again), which, if you want to kill an extra Saturday, might be worthwhile since we’ll keep using the best scores you send us.

Tomorrow – advice if your scores are high but your grades…are not so much high. Be seeing you.


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