Admissions Thanksgiving Post

What would the holidays be without a little pointless sentimentality?  And so, before returning to advice on picking and getting into the school of your dreams, as I sit here in the great state of Michigan watching the snow fall on this holiday morning, a few thoughts on things I’m thankful for (and maybe you should be to):

I’m thankful that there are a lot of choices in admissions – and that we have an educational system that, for all its flaws and criticisms, is the envy of the world.

I’m thankful that, and I really believe this, your success depends a lot more on how hard you work and how talented you are then where you get admitted. 

I’m thankful that students, parents, and educators are starting to refocus on high school as a time of learning and development, not just foour years of preparing for the college admissions process.

I’m thankful that a number of schools are moving to score-optional admissions programs like Mason’s (which we copied from others before us) that use the SAT and ACT tests in, what I feel, are entirely appropriate ways ( for details…oh the shame of a plug in a Thanksgiving list!)

I know I’ll catch heck for this (sorry, it’s a family-friendly blog, so language is tricky), but I am SO thankful to live in Virginia in the D.C. area, and NOT here in Michigan (as I did for four great years) where it is SNOWING – brrrr.

I’m thankful to work with some amazing people: the dedicated staff of the admissions office and George Mason University, and our students and faculty who constantly amaze me with the ways they are changing the world.  I could not be prouder to be a part of a place that makes incredible contributions everyday. 

My best wishes that all of you find institutions and careers that will help you contribute, to reach your potential and to enjoy what you do.  As I’ve said before  – I hope you all (and/or your sons and daughters) get in everywhere they apply, get every scholarship that they want, and, of course, I hope most pick Mason.  Happy Thanksgiving, and be seeing you.


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