admission to college – even Disney gets in on the act

There are a ton of movies about college life, and even a few about getting into college. Few, if any, have even a passing resemblance to what really happens. I doubt the new Disney version will be much better. I got tipped off by the blog “The Teen Scoop” ( about the upcoming “College Road Trip” with Martin Lawrence and Raven Simone. Also Donny Osmond. That combination may be worth seeing, but I doubt there’ll be much related to the real admissions process.

On the other hand, note that the place she wants to go more than any place else is Georgetown University. This seems totally plausible, since clearly the D.C. area is the best place in the world to go to college. Of course, I suspect if they really did visit D.C. area schools in the movie, she’d have ended up at a different George…

In any case, the preview for what I’m sure will be a Oscar favorite is at

PS – no, I don’t normally read Teen Scoop (although I’ll admit to reading every so often), but it popped up on my list of “similar blogs” – which troubles me deeply.


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