Admissions office update: reading files

I thought it might be helpful to periodically know what’s going on in the admissions offices where you are sending your precious application materials:

This time of year schools that have early action or early decision programs are deep in the midst of reviewing those applications. Some schools have an initial screening based largely on numbers, others bring every file to a full committee. Most schools are in between, with one or two counselors reading each file, and then a range of applicants brought to committee for discussion. Committee meetings may or may not involve faculty along with a big group of the admissions officers. The applications are generally presented by the counselor that works with that school (or, at some places, that section of the alphabet). These meetings are generally long and tedious, but at times can get pretty rowdy (woo hoo).

True story – my first year in admissions I fell asleep during the committee meeting. Totally like you probably did in some class at some point in high school. I may have been drooling and/or snoring. The Dean of Admissions at that school called on me and I about fell out of chair – no idea where I was at all. He asked why the H-E-double toothpicks (I believe that was his exact phrase) I was sleeping in HIS committee. I replied, calmly, that I was resting my eyes so as to better concentrate on the details of the applications under consideration. He did NOT buy this. I was in the dog house for ages. And now I’m a dean. Remember that the next time a teacher tells you not to fall asleep in class. I’m sure there’s a lesson in there somewhere, and probably one I shouldn’t be encouraging. I promise to try and stay awake for YOUR application. Be seeing you.


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