Your high school in admissions: a new ranking

Those terrific people at U.S. News (and I mean that – I like the head of research Bob Morse a lot, and I’m not just saying that to suck up) have a new ranking.  I assume that’s becuase they realized we just don’t have enough ranking, and a list of best fire hydrants was already underway (in Dogs Quarterly Journal).  This time, they’ve ranked high schools –

Now, I pick on my closer personal passing acquaintance from the Washington Post, Jay Matthews, because he works with Newsweek to produce an annual ranking that’s based strictly on the percent of students taking Advanced Placement courses, which I think is a bizarre way to rank schools (Jay, in case your wondering, LOVES the AP program).  Now USNEWS has added a ton of statistics to the mix.  I like numbers.  They give me a warm fuzzy feeling.  Fortunately I took a Zantac, and that seems to have passed.

So what does it all mean – will the colleges be looking at these and saying – hey, your high school couldn’t even muster up a bronze medal. You are SO hosed!  Probably not – but for those lucky few in the Gold medal schools, maybe a little boost.  A special shout out to Yes Preparatory Academy in Houston for making the top ten (where my good friend and former student assistant, Donald Kamentz, is the incredible, amazing, and wonderful director of guidance.  Did I mention I really like that guy?).  And since I’m here in Fairfax County, right by George Mason University (clearly a gold medal in my book) I’m relieved that my son’s high school, Robinson, scored a silver.  Of course, we have the number one school in the ranking, Thomas Jefferson, right down the street.  It’s a magnet school, so I’m starting my son in prep courses now.  He’s five, but I think it’s about time he really got to work, don’t you?  Be seeing you.


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