Update on use of ACT scores in admissions

Heath Einstein, Director of College Counseling at Solomon Schechter School, posted an update to the list serv of the National Association for College Admissions Counseling of the colleges and universities that say they are using the best ACT subscores to calculate new  (higher) composite scores for applicants.  He notes that he checked with each school.   He didn’t call us, but after careful consideration (Careful = checked that ACT is ok with it, checked that it would make Mason look better in the rankings, discussed with my assistant dean…total time, maybe five minutes), I’ve decided you can add Mason to the list!

Amherst College; University of Arkansas – Fayetteville; Birmingham Southern College; University of Colorado – Boulder; University of Dayton; Eckerd College; Elon University; Florida Atlantic University; Florida State University; George Mason University; University of Georgia; Kalamazoo College; Lawrence University; University of Louisiana – Lafayette; University of Miami; Northeastern University; Pepperdine University; Regis University; University of South Florida; University of Tennessee – Knoxville; Washington and Lee University; Washington University – St. Louis

So, now you can take the SAT just as many times as the ACT – what fun for you!!! Be seeing you.


2 Responses

  1. Heath Einstein did, in fact, call the George Mason University admissions office. Apparently he was given erronious information at the time. Perhaps Mr. Flagel’s staff should be more attuned to its office’s policies.

  2. Sorry for the over-agressive sarcasm – as I noted in my post, your message to the list-serv led me to CHANGE our policy. So when you checked (and thanks, then, for asking) the answer you received would have been correct.

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