Caution on use of wikis for admissions

As popular as they are, wikipedia and wikis are getting some bad press on the list serv of the National Association for Admissions Counseling.  The counselors and admissions officers on that list regularly trade advice (ie – which college has the best underwater co-ed luge team that also offers courses in mortuary science and has scholarships by zodiac sign?  anyone?).  I periodically post some here when amusing, but try to add the caveat that the lists are randomly reported, rarely comprehensive, and possibly downright mistaken.  Unfortunately, it appears a volume of these lists are appearing on wikis without any explanation of source.  Beware of any list of schools that isn’t backed up by a data source (and remember that Mason already has exactly what you want.  Our co-ed underwater luge team ROCKS!).  Be seeing you.


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  1. Sorry to bother, but Mason notification for Early Action is sent today right? Is the online status updated today as well? Because when I check, my application is still listed under pending admissions application. I just wanted to know if this was normal or not, since my counselor’s been bugging me to give her a heads up on whether I got in.

    Thank you.

  2. Dear Dean Flagel,

    I can’t speak for any other wikis, but lists on the CollegeLists wiki ( are sourced to the best of our ability (see the link to “History” on the front page). You’re right to sound a cautionary note, though… crowd-sourced content is likely to be holey at best, and downright inaccurate at worst. Thus our disclaimer (also on the front page).

    Still, if we get enough secondary and college side folks invested in quality control, a wiki might help high school counselors BEGIN to identify schools with characteristics that remain uncaptured by traditional databases. That’s what I use it for.

    Anyone requesting the password to CollegeLists wiki, whether on the college or high school side, is welcome to fill in a missing piece or correct an erroneous entry. I’m certain that the folks who have been doing that work so far would welcome the help. Although I don’t think there IS a list of co-ed underwater luge teams. 🙂

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