Test reminder from you “good friends” at CollegeBoard

A note from my inbox:

The January SAT® is fast approaching, but if your students missed the registration deadline there’s still time. Encourage your students to sign up today. If they’ve taken the PSAT/NMSQT® or SAT previously, they can take advantage of our EZ Registration. As the name suggests, it makes signing up fast and easy.

When students register online at collegeboard.com they can get free preparation materials, including an Official SAT Practice Test and The Official SAT Question of the DayTM email. It’s a great site where they’ll find lots of useful information to help ensure their SAT experience is a positive one.

THERE ARE ONLY 7 DAYS LEFT TO REGISTER, so they should sign up today

They also helpfully add:

Remember, the SAT is the one test that shows colleges what students know and what they know they can do.

Oh – THAT’S what the SAT does.  I’m not sure how, but they put it in print (well, in an email) so it MUST be true.  Right? 

Seems worth a reminder that Mason still has one of, if not the, largest score optional admissions programs in the U.S. http://admissions.gmu.edu/scoreoptional for details. Of course, our deadline is fast approaching too  – January 15th is the deadline for freshman applications for Fall 2008.  Be seeing you.


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