Shameless Plug: Our speech teacher is better than yours

I’ve bragged before about our amazing forensics team.  For those who are confused, that has nothing to do with CSI (although one of our past student body presidents, Archie Kao, has a regular role on the series, and was named among People’s hottest bachelors, was one of the Power Rangers, has his own Wikipedia page  – – and is a really great guy…but that’s for another blog).  No, Forensics is about public speaking in competition with other schools.  We kick a lot of tail in those competitions, and have one of the best records in the country. That accelerated a few years ago when we stole Professor Peter Pober away from the University of Texas to lead the team (and host the largest Forensics summer program in the nation!).

I already thought Peter was ridiculously cool – he has one of the best forensic competition records of any coach in the country, and he’s a snappy dresser.  But then I find out he’s SUCH an expert that Newsweek brought him in to assess the speech styles of the Presidential candidates.  Mind you, you can hardly open an article about the election without finding at least one (sometimes two or three) of our faculty quoted – but even so this stood out as pretty impressive.  Check it out at  Be seeing you.

 PS – just when I thought I was done with this post (actually, almost a day later) I got an email from Dr. Pober with more good news, and have faithfully pasted it in:  “For the first time in Mason Forensics history, the team won both days at the prestigious Hell Froze Over National Invitational Forensics Tournament where more than 1000 entries competed for top honors. Nine of the top ten teams in the nation ( and dozens more) competed for the coveted title and our Mason Forensics Team bettered the second place team by nearly 50 percent of their points the first day and 40 percent the second day.” –


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