Is quarterlife your future?

So I’m in the midst of watching quarterlife, the new show on NBC – check it out at if you haven’t yet seen it. I’m fascinated by a show about a blog on a blog site about a show – but the show is also about all these twenty something college grads who still don’t know what they want to do with their life. Why don’t any of them go back to college – are they TRYING to make my job harder?!

It’s definitely true, however, that many college grads are still finding themselves and even more will switch careers, but you can use your time in college, even your time looking for a college, to help. The search process for college itself can be part of the solution. If you take the time to try to find a good match, you’ll start to explore the things that are interesting and exciting to you. If you find a good match, you’ll have an easier time exploring your interests, through courses, jobs, internships, study abroad, etc. You just very well might find a way to avoid the “quarterlife crisis”.

But in any event, it’s a really great show. And a great site. Check it out.


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