Shameless Plug: Mason basketball in finals!!!

Mason will take on William & Mary tomorrow night, Monday, March 10, at 7:00 p.m. in the Men’s Colonial Athletic Association Basketball Championship at the Richmond Coliseum.  The game will be televised on ESPN and broadcast on SportsTalk 980 AM radio.  Cheer Mason on to victory, and watch the Patriots play for a return to the NCAA tournament . Since the Patriots went all the way to Final Four just two years ago,  you can bet EVERYONE will be watching.  OK, maybe not everyone – but you should!

If you’re anywhere in the area, and want to watch one of the youngest most innovative institutions in the country (that’s Mason) go up against the oldest public institution in the U.S. (that’s William and Mary, or so they say), you can probably still score tickets from all the teams that now won’t be in the final…For tickets to tomorrow night’s Men’s CAA Tournament Championship game, visit or call the Richmond TicketMaster at (804)780-4970.

Reminder, as I’ve said before, unless you’re a recruited athlete, sports is a really crazy way to pick what school you’ll attend.  Of course if you are going to pick that way, Mason basketball should make your decision easy…Be seeing you!


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  1. Congrats to Mason for the big win! Question : Do you rescind acceptances based on basketball scores? Do athletic recruits get ANY consideration in the application process? THANKS!

  2. Great questions:
    Last time (when we went to the FINAL FOUR) two things happended:
    realizing that way more people would want to come, I changed some decisions before letters went out – shifting some admits to waitlist, and a bunch of the waitlist to deny. I am considering some of the same now, as even though I TELL people not to use basketball to pick a school, we’re already seeing increased interest in saying yes to Mason after our recent victory.
    I have not, however rescinded based on our athletic achievements. I did, however, look really closely at final senior grades, and did rescind when there was significant downturn in grades.

    Of course athletic recruits get some consideration, as do outstanding dancers, great extemproaneous speakers, and gifted players of deep brass and double reeded instruments. Talent is a factor in the admissions process, and I work closely with the coaches, team leaders, and arts instructers to identify the most talented. Division I athletes receive a great deal of academic support, so taking a risk on a really gifted athlete is often reasonable, IF the student is willing to do the work. I am proud that Mason, unlike some of my competitors, is very serious about making sure that we don’t admit athletes unless we believe they can be academically successful – no matter how well they can shoot, kick, or run. We’ve turned down a number of great athletes who didn’t demonstrate that they were ready to do the work needed to succeed academically while taking on the massive workload of a varsity athelete.
    All that and we STILL went to the Final Four. AND they ALL graduated. I LOVE Mason….can you tell?

  3. Thanks for your answer! That is a true measure of success that all the Final Four players graduated and you are in the game again this year. Great recruiting on Mason’s part. Not admitting talented applicants that you feel will not succeed is also a big win for Mason. Mason is a huge university. It can’t be invested in undergraduates who may expect attention in any given area. Educators would have to invest time and energy in student learning. Scholarship at Mason could potentially be compromised if faculty were constantly meeting with students that needed or expected attention. It is clear to see why you LOVE Mason.

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