Crazy admissions idea gets debated

As proof that the whole world of higher education takes ourselves WAY too seriously, a professor at Brown put out an email suggesting that a large portion of their freshmen be selected by, essentially, drawing the names out of a hat. It seems a bunch of professors and administrators thought that it was actually happening that way . Of course, many will argue, and some have in this blog, that scores and grades are so hard to compare, and so weak at predicting college performance, that the hat method might be just as good!


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  1. Dean Flagel,

    I think that this post applies to me, lol. I feel that even though it is so competitive you may not know who are the candidates who will make the most of college, who will be the ones that will become a leader as well. Like I said before, I think that this applies to me because I have feel that I possess those qualities. I have shown that I am very much an active member in my school, I played football for four years, was Chapter and DIstrict officer of DECA. Intern for the new class political science and have established relationships with other companys and clients to help the students find an internship next year considering that this is a new class and many of the current students have a lot of difficulty finding and internship.

    POINT being I feel that it is imperative that you look at extracurriculars much more than before. If a person will get good grades yet they are not as socially active, that does not necessarily mean they will do well in the world. Of course depending on major and field of study.

    AGAIN this is not entirely true that everyone who is not active should not be admitted but for those high level schools that is something that I may consider when choosing candidates. If it becomes between a students stats, I think that if a student just simply sat in their room all day and did nothing but study for four years is not the exact student that I want as opposed to some with the SAME stats yet they may be on a sports team and have been committed in a club or maybe even two.

    Being committed in a club is very important as well it does show loyalty as opposed to 10 different clubs/organizations yet that is an entirely different story. Thats my opinion on this hat drawing issue anyway….

    Faiq Malik

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