Useful links for the college search process

To keep you busy, I thought I’d provide some quick links to sites with information on the college search process (even though their advice will obviously not be as good as what you find here).

Some places to search for colleges:
These crack me up because they’re almost always based on data that’s 1-2 years out of date. They also do some really dumb things, like if you search by state they don’t give you what’s really close by. If you search Washington, DC, for instance, few of the engines bring up Mason even though we’re in the suburbs because our address is Virginia, and the same goes for University of Maryland (guess where they are). You may want to search by distance from a city or by multiple states to help with that issue. There’s other quirks to these things (like if you don’t call a major what they call it, does it come up in your search?), but you’ll find those as you go. These are presented in no particular order. Have fun!

College Board



US News


Happy searching! Be seeing you.


2 Responses

  1. Dean Flagel,
    I was just curious to know if George Mason had any summer programs available for students graduating from high school, to possible get ahead. Is there a separate application process for that. I unfortunately was denied admission and was also denied from the appeals committee as well, so I was just curious. Thanks.

  2. Unfortunately, if you are denied admission you are not eligible to enroll in classes at Mason for the summer. If you are in the area, I would look at Northern Virginia Community College as an option for getting ahead.

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