Avoiding Transfer Shock

As a new transfer student, don’t be surprised if you experience some of the same feelings that you had when you entered your current institution for the first time. This is not unusual. Even though you’ve been to a university or college before, you are transferring to a new school with its own policies and personality so there will again be some period of adjustment. Having feelings of apprehension and disorientation are normal.

To avoid being overwhelmed after you transfer, plan to go to Orientation if one is offered for new transfer students. Not only will this help acclimate you to the campus, but it can also provide specific information about transfer resources and policies. Also plan to take a semester-long Orientation course for new transfer students if one is offered (for example, Mason offers a UNIV300 course for transfer students to assist them with the transition to Mason). You will learn more about your new school and meet other students who are in the same situation you are in.


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