International Students: Taking the TOEFL

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is an important part of applying to schools in the U.S. In order to prepare for the test, find out when, where, and how you’ll be taking it, you can search the TOEFL website . The website will tell you the dates the test is offered and whether they offer the internet based test (iBT), paper based test (PBT), or both.

There are tools available on the ETS website to assist you in studying for the test, so take advantage of them. You will have to pay extra for some of these tools, but the TOEFL iBT Tips and TOEFL iBT Sampler will be available to you when you register for the iBT. The Free TOEFL Practice Tests-Volume 1 will be available when you register for the PBT.

On the day of the test make sure you bring your registration number and a valid photo ID. Depending on your location, different types of ID may be required, so make sure you check the website to ensure you have the ID required for your area.

You can send your scores to up to four different institutions. Ask each school that you are applying to about their TOEFL requirements, because the requirements can differ from school to school. Scores are sent out about five weeks after you’ve taken the test, so make sure you plan enough time to study, take the test, and apply to the schools of your choice.


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