Do you want admissions in your Facebook Applications?

At least some schools think so. The article describes how one of the State Universities in New York has hired a big time public relations firm to create a facbook application to promote student interest. This should give you an idea of how crazy things can get…that’s a PUBLIC institution spending your tuition (or their state tax) dollars on hiring a public relations firm to help them get into the world of facebook. I’m not in a glass house here – we’ve used all kinds of consultants over the years, most often in admissions to help develop our Mason Metro site. I’m on facebook myself (and quarterlife which I like better), and we worked with some admitted students that created a facebook group this year. I wonder if potential students are ever scared off by the personal campaigns I described in an earlier post, turned off by excessive recruitment from schools, or even creeped out when admissions officers try to “friend” them (let alone “poke” them).


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  1. I can say that your blog is the best for me to read. I’m in love with America. My knowledge about your country is not poor but, I still have a lack of informations in certain domains. I saw today in a Quarterlife forum your link to your blog! I enjoy it very much, I love the way you express things!

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