Before you complain about the SAT…

If you thought taking the SAT was too much pressure, unfair, and lots of other stuff that can’t be printed in a family-friendly blog, check out the pressure from the state test for college readiness in China, as described in Slate.

If that doesn’t satisfy you, maybe you should consider a school with (shameless plug coming) an SAT/ACT optional admissions process (like the one at Mason!).

In related news, I was recently approached by the Princeton Review about buying ad space in a new publication they are planning to give schools with score optional admission processes a chance to promote themselves. This seems weird since 1) The Princeton Review is a HUGE test prep company, so promoting score optional schools seems against their own interests and 2) there’s already a pretty good free list at Fairtest. We’ve now had our score optional process in place for two years. Only 4% of applicants used it the first year, and only 8% this year. Since the numbers remain so small, and since the ad isn’t much money, I’ll probably give it a try this year on the off chance that’s where great students will hear about our process. I’ll share some thoughts on how different score optional processes work and whether they might be right for you in a future post. Be seeing you!


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