Parent attacks high school

This was a new one for me. I received an email yesterday from a parent blasting away at her daughter’s high school. I assumed this was part of a strategy for admission – that the parent wanted me to put aside poor grades based on claims of how horribly the school mistreats her child. That may seem bizarre to some, but to those of us in admissions it’s not an uncommon claim, although one made more often by students than parents. In this case, however, the student hasn’t applied to Mason. In fact, the mom claims her daughter has no plans to do so. Instead, this is a message sent to institutions across the country just to let us know how badly the school treats students. I won’t get into the claims, having no idea whether or not they have merit, but take the email as one more example of the admissions process hype being out of hand. I hope, sincerely and deeply, that sending such a note to colleges has no impact. The opinion of a few college admissions deans on a particular high school’s policy shouldn’t change that policy one bit. Sadly, I think the mom may have found a strategy that will get results, as the school may quake at the idea of ramifications for students applying to colleges across the country – something I think is totally out of the question. If it works, lord help us if it gets press. Next thing you know we’ll be getting letters from students and parents about everything and anything they want to change at their schools. I, for one, can’t wait to weigh in on school lunch menus. Be seeing you.


3 Responses

  1. Can you give us some general idea about the claims? Are they relevant to the process at all?

  2. I’d say no. The concern had to do with admission to the school’s IB program, alleging bias against students with different learning styles. I very much doubt, even if true, that this would bear on any student’s admission decision.

    • I know this is a very, very late response, but I’d still like to weigh in.

      As part of the I.B., I know for a fact that the I.B. does not discriminate agaisnt any sort of learning style. Now, I know that I can’t speak for every school, and it is possible that the Coordinator in question has some questionable practices (which, considering all of the Coordinators I’ve met, is unlikly), but this is far more indicative of a parents anger resulting from a rejection. I’ve seen that far more often than I have any sort of bias.

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