Live panel on grading scales in admission

Just in case reading the blog isn’t enough to satisfy you, you have your chance to question me in person at a panel discussion hosted by Fairfax County Public Schools on August 25.
The moderator will be Greg Toppo from USA Today. Greg Roberts of UVA (we call them our Southern campus – cue rim shot) and John Latting of Johns Hopkins University will join me as sacrificial lambs/panelists. The event will begin at 1 p.m. in the auditorium of Luther Jackson Middle School. FCPS will videotape this event and (they emphasized this in their email to me this week) press coverage is expected (so I suppose I’ll have to “dress up”).
The program is scheduled to have 45-60 minutes of discussion (take your no-doz!), followed by 15-20 minutes of questions submitted online and at the auditorium. FCPS will provide staff to collect questions, consolidate them and pass them on to the moderator (which means the boxer/brief question you’ve been waiting to ask probably won’t make it through).
The focus questions for the panel are:
1. Do colleges account for different grading policies in the admissions process?
2. Do different grading policies effect differentially decisions regarding admissions, merit scholarships, and honors placement?
3. Do these grading scale admissions practices vary across institutions when classified as in- state vs. out-of-state or public vs. private or based on other characteristics?

Since I’ve already covered all of this in the blog, you probably already know what I’m going to say…but come on out and say howdy if you get the chance. is the link to the location of Luther Jackson Middle School…in case you didn’t know that (I didn’t!). Be seeing you!


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  1. Dean,

    Good luck with this; I know you will be spectacular! Make sure to keep us updated on all the wonderful press coverage.


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