Shameless plug: Mason Sports

One of the incredible perks of being Dean of Admissions is you get great tickets to a wide variety of sports (my six year old thinks it’s perfectly normal for all the players and cheerleaders to know his name, and that every kid gets the mascot to swing by his birthday party). It’s a much better deal if the sports at your school are GREAT. As a result, the past few years have been an amazing time to be part of Mason. I’m particularly partial to Basketball, and had just as much fun watching our team win the CAA Championship this year as when we went to the Final Four in 2006 (ok, ALMOST as much fun).

Mason also scored in the national rankings, with Men’s Volleyball at number 11 and Women’s Lacrosse at Number 9! My son is also a soccer addict, and coach Greg Andrulis has an amazing team, and of course Swimming and Diving is always competitive at Mason, and we were thrilled to have Kate Ziegler representing Mason in Beijing at the Olympics.

You can check out all the NCAA Division I teams, not to mention the spirit groups, club sports, and recreational sports (yes, there is a Guitar Hero competition). Be seeing you!


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