Mason is voted #1 the place to be!

I can’t bring myself to label this one a shameless plug. I’ve been sitting on this news for a couple of days, but since they finally put it on their website, it’s time to let loose:

Disclaimer – if you read this blog you already know that I think most of the rankings are not terribly useful, and are basically just ways to sell magazines that should be viewed with a strong skepticism. That being said, every now and then they do get things right, for instance:

US News has their 2009 rankings out (on newstands tomorrow, just up on their website). Since their main rankings are mostly about how much money a school spends (really, it’s a HUGE factor in their ranking – not how they spend money, just how much) they added a very reasonable new feature – what are the schools to watch that don’t make it in their rankings methods. In other words, if you were listing schools that don’t spend gazillions but are still incredible, who would rank? So they made a list.

I think it’s a pretty good list. This will quickly become obvious. Wait for it.

George Mason University is the number one school in the nation.

Of course, it’s just based on the EXPERTS – the admissions deans, provosts, and presidents at other universities (did I vote for us, you ask? You BET I did!) sent in their nominations and that’s just based on opinions. Still, I do think in this case their judgment is incredibly astute.

Also note that College of Charleston, the new home of blog contributor Jimmie Foster, made the top list for the southern region! Congrats!

So, in closing, I’d like to offer my heartfelt thanks to all those deans, provosts, and presidents that clearly recognized the incredble advantages available at George Mason University, and encourage each of you to follow in their wisdom. Now I have to go – its hard to type through my big salty tears of joy. Be seeing you.


5 Responses

  1. Congrats. I hope the tears dry sooner than later!

  2. Congrats as well! I know we were pretty honored/excited to be on the list as well. Good luck in the upcoming semester.

    -Josh from UMBC Admissions

  3. quote: “the rankings are not terribly useful, and are basically just ways to sell magazines”

    They are also ways of selling colleges. This is one of bad things about the power of rankings: a ranking is a function of a particular set of (debatable) criteria. In order to better sell themselves, colleges may change their mission or identity in order to rise in the rankings.

    I am thinking of St Olaf recently which finally broke the top fifty in usnr rankings, but has probably removed some of its everyman stripes as a college for the late blooming B students who has much potential.

  4. This is great news for Mason. I was happy to see Merten interviewed on TV in his gold, GMU t-shirt . He did a great job. Quoting Stearns was also a great choice. Can’t help but feel someone is making a wise decision keeping Flagel and his groupies out of the limelight. Maybe he was getting his jacket pressed while figuring out ways to have it both ways in terms of polls and numbers.

    Way to “make good choices” Mason.

  5. I have groupies?!

    But you’re so right – curse all that jacket-pressing time I’ve been spending.

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