Shameless Plug: Mason in the news

The media attention driven by Mason being ranked as the Number One School to Watch in the Nation reminded me about all the attention Mason faculty receive. I get asked all the time how we get them so much coverage in so many places. The truth is that our faculty (and students) tend to not only be leaders in their field, but also working on relevant issues. Our Mason Gazette provides a list of some of the top faculty quotes, with this week’s edition including The Washington Post, USA Today, The Christian Science Monitor, and Al-Jazeera. A quick google news search for George Mason University finds, just in the past week, our faculty quoted several more times in The Post, and in The New York Times, Businessweek, The New York Daily News(a great analysis of the presidential race by Dr. Jeremy Mayer!), de Volksrant, The Mail and Guardian, The Independent, and The Washington Times.
I’ve worked at schools where we had huge strategy sessions to try to figure out how to get our faculty placed in the media. Fortunately, we don’t have to spend our time on that at Mason! Be seeing you.


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