Notjustadmissions named best admissions blog…

In fairness, I should say named SECOND best admissions blog, since Elizabeth Kudner lists her blog at as her very favorite. While Elizabeth and I may periodically disagree on details of the admissions process, there is no denying the wisdom and insight she shows in her choice of blogs. Be seeing you!


2 Responses

  1. This blog is a free forum filled with cheap twisted information to make the writer feel important. It gives the impression that George Mason was a very small man.

  2. You bring up some great points – It’s absolutely true that I’m not sure how tall George Mason was although I don’t believe his stature has been a topic of much discussion. His statue is pretty tall, but I’m not sure that’s really indicative.
    On your other points, since the blog is “free” I suppose it is “cheap”, although I’d prefer the term “great value”.
    While I recognize the comfort of ranting in anonymity, the reality is that I don’t bother twisting information – I’m blatant about promoting an outstanding institution, and other than that give the most honest straightforward information I can find on what really goes on in college admissions. Sadly, not everyone likes how it really works, and there are many valid reasons for concern. I welcome people to question my assertions, and only screen posts that are obscene or spam.
    And I do feel important, especially when my little ramblings cause someone as busy, and obviously noteworthy, as yourself to take the time to write – thanks for stopping by!

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