At long last, I’ve become a wholly owned subsidiary.

No, you’re not having déjà vu – it’s very possible that what you’re reading here you are also reading on  Here’s the scoop: Even as I rant about the evils of marketing in admissions and all the ways that colleges seek to manipulate you, I’ve cut a deal with the powers that be at  Why?  They used exactly the right approach – they appealed to my ego.


It seems that Monster, the mother of all job search engines on the web, spent quite a bit of time acquiring any and all web sites that might possibly contribute to or compete with their business model.  Along the way, they grabbed up a couple of pretty amazing sites, including Fastweb, the largest (and I think best) scholarship search engine on the web, and Finaid, arguably the best source for financial aid data.  Now their planning to dominate the entire college search market, with huge online college fairs, an amazing array of services, and, to top it all off…me.


The big discussion was about how they could distinguish themselves from all the clutter in the field, and I may have mentioned something about being tired of reading a handful of admissions officers’ blogs whining about how many files they have to read while they are doing their “holistic” review (holistic, if I’m not mistaken, is translated from the Latin meaning, “to try to get a better rank in US News”).  Its also possible I went on something of a rant about the sites that are even worse where a bunch of parents give each other advice based on irrefutable sources of data like, “I heard from my neighbors brother-in-law’s uncle that once spent three days visiting a campus and walked near an admissions office where he was pretty sure he heard that NOTHING is as important as grading scales, so it MUST be true.”


After they waited calmly for my blood pressure medication to kick in they said something about me writing for the site.  What I heard was, “Dean Flagel, you are a font of true and honest insight.  You bring light to the darkness.  You are Zac Efron to our Vanessa Hudgens – bring your blog to our site and share your wisdom with all the world!”  On reflection, it’s possible they may have said, “All right already, stop whining.  We’ll let you post some stuff on the new site.  Please let go of our leg.” Either way, it all worked out for the best. 


For the time being I’ll have some stuff in both places as they get their online virtual act together and get my posts caught up.  Eventually everything will just be posted on, and they’ll have AMAZING ADDITIONAL FEATURES that will make it the BEST SITE EVER.  Or so I’m told.


Also, they promised I can still shamelessly plug Mason.  Lets test that:  Mason rules!  Saturday night I was at the Patriot Center at Mason watching Lewis Black, perhaps the funniest guy on the planet, ranting at the Patriot Center.  It’s possible he may be angrier at the universe than I could ever be, but I must say that I share nearly all of his fine opinions.  More importantly, a bunch of our students got to go backstage and hang out.  I’ll post some pictures of tomorrow.  In the meantime, be seeing you.


3 Responses

  1. Great news! I’m glad to hear that Monster is working to develop a community that benefits students so directly. Please keep us posted on your work!

  2. Dean Flagel – it goes without saying that we’re excited to have you on board, and we’re hoping to get you riled up on enough of these topics to get to your really juicy viewpoints. At the headquarters we are actually curious to hear about what you think of the “admissions officers viewing Facebook profiles” controversy………..

  3. ” I may have mentioned something about being tired of reading a handful of admissions officers’ blogs whining about how many files they have to read ”

    Care to share the names of some of these blogs? There are so many out there and it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    To clarify, are you no longer at Mason? Do you work from

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