Funny email names and deadlines

Sorry to be gone for an extended absence. My only excuse is the INCREDIBLE volume of applications Mason is receiving which has me buried. A couple of things seem to stay the same year after year:

1) Applicants continue to use very embarrassing email addresses. And yes, we pass them around the office. We have a contest for the most offensive, funniest, most humiliating, etc. Unfortunately, since these are actual applicants and real addresses, I can’t post them. Seriously, what are they thinking?

2) Deadline crashing is rampant. Like most colleges, we send out a slew of reminders – email, postcards, letters, phone calls, and yet even so students still seem to wait until the very last minute.   As I wrote recently, you minimize risk of getting documents mismatched by getting in your application well BEFORE deadline. (In case you are planning to apply to Mason, and why wouldn’t you, our final freshman application deadline this year is TUESDAY, JANUARY 15 to get your application submitted. If you miss it, don’t come whining to me.)

A reminder about deadlines:  Some institutions use “in office” application deadlines for ALL materials related to your application, meaning that everything required for your application to be complete must have been received by that date. This is different from what most of us (including Mason) use, which are POSTMARK deadlines. Most institutions will also, assuming your application is submitted on time, accept materials for some grace period after the deadline, but PLEASE don’t count on that – much better to get your materials in as soon as possible.  Some schools even consider when you apply as an indicator of your interest in the school (more on how interest is used in decisions in a future post).

So, to recap – use an email address that isn’t likely to become a source of amusement to the admissions committee, and get your materials in on time (and of course apply to Mason).  Be seeing you.


4 Responses

  1. Totally agree with the email address issue. My business partner over at left his college two years ago and he still jokes about some of the email addresses students applied with. Also, don’t apply for a job with these email addresses either. Some of our student blogging applicants apply with ridiculous email addresses. I actually rejected one of our most qualified applicants because her email address was so offensive.

  2. I actually got another e-mail address for the application process, I am one of those people who had rather embarrassing screen names and I did not want the college to have to read it. I would like to also add with that screen name I was just accepted into Mason!

  3. Hey, I just visited the GMU admissions site, and saw the new layout. When did that happen? I think I like the old one better… It was more aesthetically appealing than this one. However, Mason is, of course, as awesome as ever.

  4. I think you are absolutely right about email addresses. How about social networking sites? Do admissions people check out anybody’s FaceBook or MySpace to look into the personal side of the applicants? I read something about this at another blog some time ago. Here is the link if you want to read the blog article.

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