Bah Humbug on your Facebook

As if waiting for admissions decisions while colleges spam you with “holiday greetings” that are really application deadline reminders wasn’t enough to dampen your festive spirit, along comes a new Scrooge.

College Prowler is a company that claims to offer inside information on colleges, while mostly selling stuff, although they only list about 250 of the 4,000 or so institutions out there, even though data on all schools is publicly available. They do not include George Mason University, so clearly they are a worthless tool meant only for your derision, but in case that was insufficient to earn your contempt, the marketing geniuses at this wonderful public service (note voice dripping with sarcasm) have taken it upon themselves to “helpfully” start Facebook groups for many colleges and universities, then using those groups to steer members toward their products…I mean, web site. They have since generously removed themselves as administrators of these pages – if by generous you mean panicked that they were caught and scrambling to avoid legal action over copy right infringement and other terms that are being thrown around.

So, what to do? Most universities with any understanding of the internet do have Facebook groups for admitted students (those that don’t are clearly backward and not worthy of your consideration – but that’s just my opinion). Last year Mason’s was started by an admitted student who very kindly allowed us to join her as administrators. This year we had our own well in advance. Amazingly, even though this marketing company didn’t have the time to get Mason along with thousands of other colleges on their site, they did manage to create a false Facebook group for us. Gee, thanks. Our legal team is looking into it, of course, but in the meantime, check with the colleges and universities to which you were admitted before joining an admitted student Facebook group. Unless you WANT the companies to send you additional spam. Maybe they could gift wrap that for you. Also, maybe you should boycott College Prowler to show them how much you appreciate the attention – why would you want to go to that site when could go visit my buddies at, anyhow!?Be seeing you.


2 Responses

  1. Online it syas decisions would be December 19th, my status still says Complete Ready for Review. When will notifications be sent?

    Thank you

  2. Early action decisions are indeed on the way! Holiday mail can go a little slow, so check in withour office at if you still haven’t received it. We’re open today, then we inconveniently close for the holiday break until January 5!! Speaking of Bah Humbug, as I complain every year, these holidays are NOT well scheduled for the application process 😦

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