Shameless Plug: Mason one of the 50 best values, and Obama comes to campus to fix the economy

I’ve been so busy reading applications that sometimes I forget to brag about my school in between dispensing a smattering of advice, but this double dose of news was too good to let it pass.

In 2007 presidential hopeful Barack Obama held his first campaign rally at George Mason University’s very own Johnson Center. This morning President-Elect Barack Obama returned to Mason to deliver a major address on the economy and his proposed solutions. And yes, I got to attend and yes, it was very cool, and yes, I brought a few of our students along to see history being made on our campus.

Mason seems like an appropriate place to talk about fixing the economy, since we were announced this morning as one of the 50 best values in higher education by the Princeton Review. You might notice that none of the other D.C. schools made the list, but I thought I’d better mention that, just in case you missed it.

Of course, Mason students have access to speakers pretty much daily that are making headlines, and changing the world…and somehow we deliver all that at this great value. We’re just that good. Be seeing you.


One Response

  1. Does Mason have an overnight visit or something like a “patriot for a day” visit program / overnight visit for admitted students besides new student orientation?

    Thank you

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