Shameless Plug: Best Admitted Student Event – EVER – and Mason declared GREATEST UNIVERSITY ON EARTH

Finally have a chance to fill you in on the admitted student event we held on Sunday. We have about 1700 students in attendance – with their families that brought us to shy of 4,000, our largest admissions event ever. A massive distinction for the Mason events is the spectacular support we get from faculty who turn out in droves for this program every year, despite it being a Sunday and despite the wide range of other things they could be doing here in the D.C. area. And yes, the tours of the new housing and the great student groups performances were terrific.
But what REALLY made it great was the opening session. With such a large group we need the Patriot Center, our basketball/concert arena as our starting venue. This can be difficult in the spring since the Ringling Brothers/Barnum and Bailey Circus does a series of shows there, usually about the same time we want to hold this event. Fortunately, the incredible folks from Feld Entertainment and Ringling/Barnum were wonderfully accommodating. They let us launch the program while they set up for their show that day, and I got to do the welcome speech from the center ring of the circus. Even better, their incredible Ringmaster, Chuck Wagner, opened the event, in full ringmaster regalia, with, “Ladies and Gentlemen and Students of All Ages, Welcome to the GREATEST UNIVERSITY ON EARTH!” The he introduced me – so I was introduced by the Ringmaster at the circus…how incredibly cool is that? And I got to hang out back stage. Met some clowns – talked to the dog trainer (the very cute chihuahua was having eye problems, poor thing). Are you starting to see why I love my job? Be seeing you!


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