Shameless Plug: Eating healthier…at least for the planet

I finally had a chance to eat in the incredible Southside Dining on campus in one of our new residence halls. Yes, the food was incredible, particularly when I flash back to what I remember of residence hall food during my college years. Even better, I enjoyed the unusual experience of feeling good about my meal’s impact (or lack thereof) on the environment. Mason’s on-campus housing places somewhere among the top 100 largest University residence communities in the U.S., and with our freshman class growing and housing guaranteed for all four years, we’re expecting to climb into the top 50 in the next three years. It’s especially important to us that we do so in a way that isn’t detrimental to the environment, so I was especially proud when a staff member forwarded an article in Time Magazine highlighting the way Southside has been designed to have nearly 0% waste!


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